Discover What Candidiasis Is

Even if this topic may not be the most pleasant one, you have wondered at least once in your life what candidiasis is, what its risks are and how this infection can be prevented.

Thus, you have to know that candidiasis is triggered by candida albicans, which is part of intestinal flora, influencing the digestive tract. Without it, we can be unprotected against pathogen bacteria. The fungus called candida albicans lives within the throat, mouth, intestinal tract, vagina, but in small amounts, controlled by the bacteria, which naturally live in the human body, like lactobacillus acidophilus.

Candidiasis, as a frequent mycosis of mucous membranes and tegument, is caused by different species of candida which under immune deficiency conditions of the host can become invasive, with organic and tissue location.

Candidiasis emerges in the case of women because of the feminine hormone called progesterone. Progesterone increases the glycogen amount in the vaginal mucous membrane, an ideal environment for candida growth because of the acid Ph. The progesterone level increases considerably during pregnancy.

Candidiasis species are part of human body and they become pathogen if people are ill, for example if they suffer from diabetes, AIDS, or if they take immune depressive pills, steroids, anti cancer pills or antibiotics. Besides, candida can develop in the case of mucous membranes lesions and different diets. They are rich in carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pizza, pasta) and sugar (honey, fructose, maize syrup), food based on yeast (natural B vitamin, dried fruit, frozen fruit or preserved fruit), drinks like wine and beer or food which have any contact with humid environment (mushrooms, cheeses, cream, vinegar, mustard, hot tomato sauce, and spices). To continue with, Candidiasis can be as well provoked by birth control pills, hormones, or birth.

If you want to know what reactions your body has at these aliments, avoid them for 5 days, then add them to the diet in huge amounts. Even if it is part of the body, the immune system considers candida a foreign body, which must be kept under control.The effort to take control over will exhaust immune system in time, sometimes leading to AIDS or cancer.

Vaginal candidiasis has as symptoms a white discharge, cheesy and abundant, smarting vaginal pain, painful premenstrual syndrome, smarting pain while urinating, frequent urinating, bladder infections, burning feeling while having sex.

You must be careful, because, if immune system is weak, the infection can spread all over the body and symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, lack of orientation, lack of focus, headache, muscular pains, irritability, eczemas, multiple allergies, fungal infections can emerge, as well as sensibility at food and chemical substances.

There is intravenous treatment for candidiasis or oral one during three to five weeks. Besides, you can apply as well an antifungal cream, locally after having consulted your doctor.

As far as home remedies are concerned, yoghurt applied locally has led to very good results.However, it would be much better if you prevented this disease occurrence instead of facing it, getting informed from a multitude of resources available.

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