Liver Cancer in Singapore

The liver cancer starts in the liver, with a high mortality rate. The American Cancer Society’s estimates show that there will be about 30,640 new cases (22,720 in men and 7,920 in women) to be diagnosed and about 21,670 people (14,890 men and 6,780 women) to die of these cancers. There are many factors that affect a person’s chance of getting a disease. These factors include smoking, a person’s age or family history, long-term infections with hepatitis B and/or C, exposure to the solvent vinyl chloride and more. Some factors can be changed or controlled, so that it is important to change these factors. When you suffer from the liver cancer, the liver cancer in Singapore can give you a help.

The liver cancer in Singapore will tell you that this cancer can be found in more often in men than in women. If the patients with the liver cancer, they may face loss of appetite and weight, abdominal pain, especially in the upper right part of your abdomen, that may extend into your back and shoulder, nausea and vomiting and general weakness and fatigue. Some patient may have abdominal swelling (ascites) and a yellow discoloration of your skin and the whites of your eyes (jaundice). The liver is an important organ that sits in the upper right portion of your abdomen, beneath your diaphragm and above your stomach. Therefore, you should find the best solution to repair it.

The liver cancer in Singapore will offer you the tests and diagnosis of the liver cancer. The screening for the liver cancer can be used to reduce the risk of dying of liver cancer. When you suffer from any of the symptoms of liver cancer, your doctor will want to know about your medical history and perform a physical exam. The tests and procedures used to diagnose liver cancer are Ultrasound (ultrasonography) that uses sound waves to produce a picture of internal organs. Sometimes, they will use the computerized tomography (CT) scan which uses X-rays to produce cross-sectional images of your body.

What is more, the liver cancer in Singapore is responsible for providing you with the best treatment, depending on the extent (stage) of the disease as well as your age, overall health, feelings and personal preferences. The treatment aims to eliminate the cancer completely. When the patients experience the end stage liver cancer, they may be asked to receive the surgery. The liver transplantation is also favored by both doctors and the patients, especially the living donor liver transplantation.

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