Affordable brain tumor surgery in India with tourism package

In India the best treatment of brain tumor is available at an affordable amount. If your loved one is detected with a brain tumour, it is very natural of you to get upset and look for the best hospital for brain tumour surgery in India. It is also natural of you to become more concerned if the most advanced facility for brain tumour surgery is not available near you or you must travel to India for best brain tumor surgery.
Brian tumor treatment is a specialty focused on by the team of top neurosurgeons in India. In India there are best hospitals for brain tumour surgery now have the latest and most promising technology to enable neurosurgeons to perform brain surgery with a lot of precision.
Why brain tumor ?
Brain tumors are caused due to abnormal growth of cells in the brain. Under normal circumstance, when cells grow old or get damaged, new cells grow in their place. But sometimes cells alter their growth pattern to grow new cells when not needed or keep alive the old or damaged cells, causing the excessive cells to pile up and form a mass of tissue called a growth or a tumor. Brain tumors are classified as primary brain tumors and secondary brain tumors. In a primary brain tumor, this uncontrollable growth or division of cells starts in the brain or its various components. When the tumor spreads to the brain from those located in other organs in the body, it is known as a secondary brain tumor.
The surgeon is guided during the surgery by live Advanced New Generation computer assisted MRI and thus knows exactly where tumor ends and normal brain begins. MRI guided Brain Tumor Surgery allows a more complete tumor removal with much less risk to surrounding brain tissue.
People with a brain tumor often experience the following symptoms. Sometimes, people with a brain tumor do not show any of these symptoms. Or, these symptoms may be similar to symptoms of other medical conditions. If you are concerned about a symptom on this list, please talk with your doctor.Symptoms of a brain tumor can be general (due to the pressure of the tumor on the brain or spinal cord) or specific (due to the interruption of the normal functioning of a specific part of the brain). Generally, a brain tumor is not diagnosed until symptoms begin.General symptoms include:

* Headaches, which may be severe and may worsen with activity or in the early morning
* Seizures
* Personality or memory changes
* Nausea or vomiting
* Vision changes, such as blurred vision
The cost of brain tumour and brain cancer surgery in India is much less as compared to what one would pay for the surgery in USA or UK. Whereas the cost brain tumor surgery in United States is USD 20-30,000, the cost of brain tumor surgery in India is $ 8-9000 with the latest technology. The surgeons are board certified and are well trained. The brain surgery hospitals in India are among the best brain surgery hospitals in the world and offer great care and services.

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