Stage 4 Cancer Statistics – Reaching Beyond Cancer Treatment Numbers and Statistically Improving Final Outcome

Most cancer and Stage 4 cancer patients will research results to aid in procurement of their optimal treatment facility. This article goes far beyond the stats, offering patients a thorough understanding of ways to evaluate their options and statistically improve their cancer outcomes.

Doctors Faguet and Morgan* have clearly demonstrated that chemotherapy is only 2% effective in the treatment of late-stage and Stage 4 cancer, for a 5-year survival period or beyond. For this primary reason, most facilities do not dare report beyond 2-3 years, let alone 5 beyond initial diagnosis – quite simply the results are not going to pass muster.

At Envita, we have top radiation oncology consultants, and access to all the latest technology in targeted, next-generation, radiation therapy including tomothearpy, cyber knife, and proton beam without being fiscally stressed. That provides Envita the luxury of placing patients first, and having the ability to incorporate properly timed immunotherapy to accentuate results.

Should radiation be indicated at Envita, it is completed with definitive plans to eradicate tumors quickly with the lowest possible total body doses, thereby leaving the immune system intact. Historically, we have aided many patients to avoid surgery in early disease stages while decreasing the risk of metastasis and traumatic side effects. The precision of modern-day equipment is accurate within 1mm and with virtually no collateral damage.

At Envita, we implement a truly integrative and advanced approach to cancer treatment. Correct combinations are critical to encourage patients and to improve their overall outcomes.

A Look at Improving Statistical Outcomes with Alternative Cancer Centers

Simply stated, Envita Medical Centers is among (if not the most) advanced alterative cancer treatment centers in the world. Our proprietary alternative medicine methods and treatments make all the difference in improving statistics across the spectrum. We can help you evaluate what is best for your specific condition.

So what is ultimately the best way to compare alternative cancer centers disregarding easily skewed statistics? To begin, it is wise to determine if their focus is committed to improving quality of life and survival for their patients.

How Vitamin C and Ozone Therapy as Cancer Treatments Can Enhance Statics: Up to 70% Life Quality, 50% Survival Time

Oxidative therapies should be staples in the treatment of many cancers. However, only alternative medical centers internationally take advantage of them. Vitamin C works on many levels as a natural form of chemotherapy and, when aided with ultraviolet light, can significantly improve the action on other conventional treatments by increasing reactive oxygen species.

To study more about these therapies, please visit our peer reviewed vitamin C and Ozone articles.

Overview – Why Vitamin C Oxidative Therapies Don’t Always Work as Cancer Treatment

At Envita, we offer our own speed drip technology and sustained release intravenous Vitamin C delivery demonstrated to dramatically outperform all others. One Envita treatment is roughly 4 times more therapeutic.

However, there are several reasons that oxidative therapy might improve all patients – at least initially. Some tumors produce larger amounts of enzyme catalase, preventing the beneficial oxidizing effect of hydrogen peroxide produced by high-dose Vitamin C. This can widely be remedied by initially administering ozone therapy, thereby increasing Vitamin C efficacy.

The other issue that bars the way of oxidative therapy results stems from not having enough oxygen outside the cell for the Vitamin C to produce toxic hydrogen peroxide on the tumor. Again, by using ozone properly, prior to the Vitamin C dosing, this obstacle may, in fact, be corrected.

With this approach, it is possible for some patients to realize and maintain remission.

Recognizing Who’s Who in the World of Cancer Treatments by What Else – Their Treatments

You need not look beyond the treatments a center offers (and the scope and range of their specialists) to determine why they may (or may not) obtain desirable results. Once you have, you are better equipped to evaluate your options.

Chemotherapy Sensitivity Screening and Target Radiation

Treatments provided by hospitals and cancer centers that authorize mammoth advertising campaigns are usually limited to their own equipment. They may access old or new – but will use them liberally, as long as they have their own billing codes.

At Envita, we provide patients with a full spectrum of options – the most effective and advanced, known to mankind. We personalize and tailor your treatment to help you and even choose to limit chemotherapy and radiation – administering only when needed, as there are many other tools available to enhance results. In simple terms, we are the alternative medicine authorities.

Other Alternative Therapies Being Researched as Cancer Treatments

Most alternative centers offer a high-dose Vitamin C treatment to their patients. Some may also administer ozone therapy, depending on their state and licensure. Those are always good to parse from the onset.

However, during your search, you may run note phrases like mistletoe treatment, Resveratrol treatment, Sodium Bicarbonate treatments, and myriad supplements and teas. And while many of these adjunct therapies mentioned may have their place with correct application and setting, ultimately not one of them has been a savior.

Envita has been exposed to so many therapies, we are utterly confident that our personalized approach of combining idyllic treatment combinations with passionate physicians, is the key to achieving significant results – really advancing the statics in your favor.

Deeper Look at Alternative Medicine Cancer Treatment Centers with Immunotherapy

A clever method to evaluate Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers is by determining the level of immunotherapy available at each given center. Here is a solid explanation of immunotherapy’s tier levels that may be applied to such comparative analysis.

Entry Level immunotherapy- This is observed at most naturopathic medical practices, Chiropractic offices, acupuncture operations, and health food establishments and is most easily recognized by the administering of immune system building oral supplements, essential nutrition, and teas. The level of background in cancer immunotherapy can vary greatly among these providers. Nevertheless, you will find that entry level is what is most often used in combination with chemotherapy and radiation. While it does have some obvious positive effects, it is typically offered to demonstrate a particular practice or institution apparent open mindedness while remaining focused on pharmaceutical-based solutions.

Middle Level immunotherapy- Administers forms of immunotherapy like intravenous high-dose Vitamin C for cancer patients. Iscador, mistle toe, Resveratrol, Sodium Bicarbonate and other homeopathic botanicals may also be included in their treatment protocols. Oftentimes, middle level is provided by Naturopathic doctors in some states, as well as by some more open-minded MDs and DOs. These middle level practices will augment some entry level methods as well.

Higher Level immunotherapy- Aims to potentiate various forms of chemotherapy via immunotherapy. Their providers (Dos or MDs) carry the licensure essential to practice these methods and will likely integrate all methodologies mentioned above. Their goal is to target cancer cells while working to get the immune system functioning at a potentially high level.

Highest Level immunotherapy- This method refers directly to the science of building vaccines derived from the patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. Cellular-based immunotherapy extracts white blood cells and expands them to more effectively override the disease. This is akin to an “immune system transplant” of sorts and originated some 25 years ago with cytotoxic T cells. The science and methodology of this highest level continue to advance rapidly and are greatly available in countries outside the shores of The United States. That said, a newly approved drug has just been accepted in the United States for Stage 4 prostate cancer patients.

Next Gen Immunotherapy- This is a Cellular-based immunotherapy founded upon genetic manipulation.

All methods of immunotherapy are currently offered at Envita international medical centers. And with those therapies we have the experience and training to determine ideal combinations in particular case-by-case scenarios.

What Most Oncologists Consider Immunotherapy and the Important Alternatives They Ignore

Cell-based immunotherapy is typically recognized domestically when a drug trial is being sponsored. By and large however, the science is typically ignored. While cytokines are referenced, conventional treatment centers continually leave them out of cancer protocols. It seems that conventional oncologists worry that their patient will be taken off normal chemotherapy treatments for an unproven radical alternative. This unfounded fear stands in the way of most patients fully engaging in the best treatment plan possible to battle their disease.

Stacking the Statics in Your Favor

Natural Killer Cells Treatment and Technology

Envita’s proprietary natural killer cell cancer vaccine (AAIT) is a highly efficacious treatment, providing a uniquely targeted way to eradicate cancer – in particular, metastatic disease. You can learn more about AAIT on Envita’s AAIT Cancer Vaccine page.

Please note, Envita’s international centers provide abundant treatments yet to be made available in the U.S.

The Real Goal in Any Cancer Treatment is Long Term Remission

Most of us continue to become more educated and aware as we are faced with an endless barrage of marketing and advertising campaigns to link us to myriad products and services. For obvious reason, when we assess the medical industry, we tend to assume that they are above such practices of miscommunication and manipulation.

However, when billions of dollars are at stake, direct corners are cut and data is often manipulated. No doubt, we agree that doctors strive to heal their patients, but that does not mean that the institution that issues their check isn’t ultimately motivated by the almighty dollar – something that can corrupt and contaminate the general environment of care.

In other words, do not be misled. Your life cannot be devalued.

In conventional cancer treatment models, “await results” has become a far too common approach. After treatment is administered, patients wait to assess if their bodies respond to treatment – and how long the effects will last.

Oncologists use the term “remission” and not “cure,” because it is unknown whether the cancer will resurface. There still may be cancer cells remaining in the body, even though there is apparent sign of it at the time. These cancer cells, which can conquer dormancy, often account for the recurrence of disease.

At Envita, we wish to initiate the best personalized treatment plan for you or your loved ones by using the most targeted and comprehensive approaches from around the world.

No matter which eventual route you chose, we wish to personally welcome you to Envita Medical Centers and let you know we are here for you throughout your journey to wellness- the uncontested leaders in personalized cancer treatment. At Envita, we aim to continually set the bar for improving cancer statistics – one patient at a time.

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