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by elle

Two days ago, I finally heard back from a job I had been hoping to get.  And by “finally,” I mean it took them nearly a month to make their decision.  You might imagine how beside myself I was, (im)patiently waiting to find out what my next step in life might be.  I am happy to announce that I did not get the job. 

Yes, I am happy.

Let me explain.

Last night I spent the evening over at Blue Bird Yoga in St. Charles, Missouri with some lovely goal-setting ladies from Lululemon.  Firstly, if you know anything about me, you know bluebirds are my “thing.”  (If you didn’t know that about me, then you should read the story).  Secondly, if there is any better time to sit down for some life-affirming goal-setting festivities, it’s twenty-four hours after you realized you still don’t have a job.  Especially when that realization shockingly comes as a relief.

Aside from all the other anxieties and fears I have experienced in the past few months about my future and how to live my heart out loud, I realized that what I really want to do is terrifying to me.  I want to have my own business.  My own brand.  I want to travel the world and have others join me.

If there’s one thing those things are not, it is safe.  Or, predictable.  Or, steady-paycheck-inducing.

But those goal-setting inspirators last night encouraged us to dream big.  Dream preposterously big.  In fact, they told us that if our vision of our ideal life in ten years didn’t make our stomachs hurt and scare the daylights out of us, then they weren’t big enough.

It was in that moment that I finally came face to face with something I had been tippy-toeing around for years:  I was avoiding my biggest dreams because they scared me.  And after last night, it’s not that they don’t scare me anymore – they still do – but now I see them with a hunger to tackle them, rather than a preference of side-stepping the big, hairy parts.

My dare for you this weekend is to write down your ideal life ten years from now.  Use present tense language and be very specific (ie, do say “I am living in Maui with my tan, hunky husband, don’t say, “I will live near the ocean and fall in love.”)

And now, I present to you, my rough outline of my ten year plan.  Now that it exists out in the internets, you can all hold me accountable for my big dreams.

Whew.  That feels good to put this all out there.  No hiding from it anymore.  I want the best life possible for myself.

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