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Somatic Replacement Guarantee

Lost? Stolen? Broken? Whatever your excuse, you’re excused.

SRG. It stands for Somatic Replacement Guarantee. And it means what it says.
For the first 6 months after purchase, we’ll replace your sunglasses if they get stolen, broken or lost. No questions asked, we’ve got you covered. And you thought UV protection was the only kind we offered.

  1. Introduction

    Insured sunglasses are only covered as long as the following terms and conditions of this program have been met.

  2. What is insured?

    This policy provides coverage for Somatic Optics sunglasses provided that any claim submitted is made through Somatic Optics, LLC.

  3. SRG Duration

    Coverage starts at the date of purchase of the Somatic sunglasses as shown on the itemized purchase receipt (a receipt is not necessary for your online purchase through our web site

    Coverage ceases six months after the date of purchase of the sunglasses or once a pair of sunglasses has been replaced or repaired following a valid claim.

  4. Submitting a Claim

    Simply download and complete the claim form below, print the form, submit the form with a check for $3.50, and your sunglasses if available. There are no handling fees.

  5. Policy Conditions

    The SRG is available to individuals only. It is not available for retailers, distributors, or for resale. Your Somatic Optic sunglasses must be purchased online through our web site or from an approved retailer. Click here for approved retailers.

  6. Claim Conditions

    The original receipt showing proof of purchase of the Somatic Optics sunglasses (again, not necessary for online purchases through our web site) and a completed claim form are required.

The SRG program may be changed at the discretion of Somatic Optics, LLC without prior written notification.


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