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“What the fuck?,” said Jane as she noticed the smoke coming through
the vent. It was the last thing she said however, as the fumes
quickly overcame her male enema and she passed out.
When Jane awoke, it was several hours later. As she looked up from
her male enema daze, she saw Tom.

I am submitting this male enema story for your pleasure. The usual disclaimers
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“Are you ready to give me the night of my life.” Asked
Miyoko as she sat by Tim at the bar.

I lowered my jeans and slipped my cock into her male enema boiling pussy. I had
never entered her male enema mid-come like that, and the feeling was indescribable;
like sinking into a mouth filled with hot butter. her male enema pussy walls
clamped onto me like they had a will of their own, and we began the most
vigorous fuck I can remember ever experiencing. Ann was wild, simply
wild, tearing at her male enema blouse and pressing my mouth to her male enema nipple. She
was lost in a world of obscene lust.

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