Successful alcohol rehabilitation programs in ca

Successful Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs in CA

Are you or a loved one dealing with the pain of alcoholism? Do not let alcohol get the best of you and seek rehabilitation at our facility immediately! As every individual exhibits different symptoms in varying intensities, the Our Addiction Rehab creates a practical and effective detox plan just for you.

Our alcohol rehabilitation programs for Anaheim residents are comprised of the following elements:

What Our Professionals Should Know About You

We take you through a thorough clinical assessment to help us determine the best approach to help you. Our counselor poses different questions during the first assessment to get to a better look at your situation.

  1. Alcohol habits (amount, frequency, how long they have been drinking)

  2. Health effects of alcohol on the individual

  3. Medical history

  4. Cultural, social and family issues surrounding alcohol

  5. Financial and legal issues

  6. Existing medical issues and medication

  7. Behavioral patterns and mental health

  8. Current home environment and living situation

  9. Educational background

  10. Past employment , problems, stability etc

  11. Previous attempts and experiences at rehab

If a detoxification program is deemed necessary for you, our counselors refer you to a qualified doctor at our facility.

Comprehensive Rehab Programs from Our Addiction Rehab 

Post the initial assessment, we provide you with medical attention or detoxification if needed. We then allow our case managers or counselors to devise a detailed treatment plan based on your past habits and current health condition.

  • Our comprehensive treatment plan includes and identifies current problems, goals as well as solutions to help you achieve these goals.
  • You then work with our team of social workers, counselors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists etc.

The team of experienced professionals at the Our Addiction Rehab is preferred by Anaheim residents for their knowledgeable, compassionate and practical approach to battling alcoholism.

Working with Our Counselors

At our alcohol rehabilitation facility, counseling is an integral part of the rehab process. During counseling, we help you recognize several factors like overcoming denial, recognizing problems, changing behavior and help you build motivation to solve problems while addressing your mental health problems. This helps you build healthier relationships with your family, friends, and other non-alcoholics.

Learning to Work on Yourself!

Our alcohol rehabilitation program comprises of small assignments throughout which you are given material to read, listen to and watch. We also encourage you to share your experiences of the treatment and assign different behaviors for you to try out.

Some Facts to Know on Alcoholism

As an alcoholic in denial, you may believe that your drinking habits are quite normal and harmless. We encourage you to confront your drinking habits and realize that you have a problem. Our next step to education is to help you acknowledge and understand the dangers of alcohol consumption and addiction.

When dealing with the pressures of giving up alcohol suddenly, you may suffer through relapses and withdrawal symptoms. To prepare you for these bouts, we teach you important life skills in areas like handling stress, anger management, employment skills, communication skills, social skills, money management, leisure time etc.

If you are interested, contact our addiction rehabilitation program in California today. 888-688-0436

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