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Avodart (dutasteride)
Avodart is used for the prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia (reduces the size of the prostate, improves urination, and reduces the risk of acute urinary retention and the need for surgery).
Avodart (dutasteride) is absorbed through the skin, so women and children should avoid contact with damaged capsules.

The prostate plays an extremely important role in a man. Through the prostate is the initial part of the urethra. Also in the prostate ducts open vas deferens and seminal sacs from which semen enters the urethra during ejaculation. Very few take the time walk, not to mention the morning and afternoon runs. Outside the prostate is surrounded by dense connective tissue. Urethra passes through the prostate, and ejaculatory ducts from the testes.
It has long been known that the removal of the testicles (castration) is sharply reduced working pancreas., It slowed down and then stopped all biosynthetic processes, and iron itself gradually decreases due to death of the cells of the glandular epithelium (eg, chronic prostatitis), when reduced its functional activity decreases and the functional activity of the testes, which, in turn, is reflected in the sexual function of men, is broken formation of sperm.

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The prostate gland produces a secret which, mixing with the semen and supports the activity of sperm and their resistance to adverse conditions.
Adenoma enlarged prostate squeezes the urethra, which leads to disruption of the flow of urine from the bladder. Non-surgical treatments do not relieve prostate enlargement, but they are partially normalize impaired urination, and create conditions for an adequate quality of life. You need to use special absorbent products that would allow a person to lead a normal life and do not lose confidence.
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